Em Hotep!

Since this is my first post, I thought I’d take the time to share a bit about myself and my beliefs. Since my spirituality is what will mostly be discussed here, it seemed a logical place to start.

I follow a relaxed Kemetic recon path, with a pinch of a few different ideas thrown in for flavor. Why do I say “relaxed”? Well, for starters, most Kemetics would probably highly disagree with some of my ideas. That is something that is likely to come out far more in future posts. The additional dashes of influence come from Earth/folk paths and some shamanistic influences. Yet I would not go so far as to say I am an eclectic pagan. There is a difference between religion and spirituality, and those other influences fall more under the latter than the former.

I am not a scholar, nor a student of Egyptology, so much of what I follow is based on what actual ancient texts I can find online or in books, combined with my own personal gnosis. I’ve never even been to Egypt, though that is certainly at the top of my bucket list. Alas, lack of funds and political climates are currently making that difficult. And I fully admit there is much I do not know, which is why I try to never stop researching and learning. So expect disagreements with my ideas- some may be a matter of opinion, but others may be unintentional ignorance on my part.

I also work with a more specific time period, namely the Old Kingdom through to about the beginning of the New Kingdom. Get past about Ramses the Great, and I lose all interest, both historically and mythologically. Even in that time frame there are contradicions (that’s a lot of years, folks!), so I use what works for me. I also work almost solely with the Iunu (Heliopolis) Ennead. There are a few others from Egypt that I work with occasionally, but this is the main focus of my worship, with the exception of my patron and protector, Bes.

What you won’t typically hear me talk about is anything to do with the gods from the Greco-Roman period and later. The Greek influence in the myths and the way the gods were viewed changed dramatically in some cases from what they originally were, and I prefer to work with the older, “purer” (for lack of a better word) gods that the ancient natives knew. Back when the gods and goddesses were not only adored, but also feared, and had their darker aspects as well as the light.

Again, this will all likely be discussed in greater depth at a later time. Now, how about a little about me?

I have been married to a great guy for almost 23 years, and have two children- a 21 year old son and a 18 year old daughter. You are likely to hear me speak of my family from time to time, as little matters more to me than these three people.

I am the bookkeeper in a major supermarket, working some pretty peculiar hours (I usually go in for 4:30 am). In  my spare time I like to play on the computer, read, knit, go for walks in my favorite “woodsy” parks, and hit up the occasional video game. I am a Gemini, and my obsessions change direction more often than the wind.

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